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Cooling Water Treatments


AQUALAB's comprehensive line of advanced cooling water treatments have been developed to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements for cooling towers.


Our advanced cooling water treatments include biodispersants as well as scale and corrosion inhibitors for both hard and soft water systems. We also offer a full range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for microbiological control.


To ensure cooling systems are correctly maintained and operate efficiently, it is essential that the proper cooling water conditions are established and maintained at all times. This can be achieved using the carefully selected cooling water treatments listed below


Scale And Corrosion Inhibitors

AQUALAB's advanced cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors have been formulated to protect cooling systems from the effects of both scale build-up and corrosion. 


Our scale and corrosion inhibitors deliver improved performance, helping to reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability and optimize operational efficiency.  



AQUALAB's advanced biodispersants are ideal for use in a wide range of cooling systems including: cooling towers, evaporation condensors, and once through cooling water systems. They are formulated to remove and disperse unwanted microbiological fouling, slimes, and biofilm from cooling water systems.


Our cooling water biodispersants help to assure maximum operating efficiency, minimize operating costs, reduce maintenance, eliminate system shut-down periods, and aid in safety.


Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides

AQUALAB's biocides have been developed for use in a wide range of cooling tower applications where effective control of microbiological activity is essential. Our biocides deliver superior performance and include both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for complete control of cooling water systems. 


Examples of our oxidizing biocides include: sodium hypochlorite, liquid stabilized bromine, and bromine and chlorine tablets. 


AquaLab's non-oxidizing biocides are used to prevent microbiological activity, such as algal growth, in a wide range of cooling tower applications.


Oxidizing and non-oxidizing are often used in combination with one another to provide complete system control.





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